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Outline of Duties: Colorist

Opening Remarks:
Colorists/film graders/colour timers are the main collaborators of the DoP during postproduction. The colorist supports the DoP during the last phase of the photographic creative process.

Professional foundations:
The colorist has knowledge of all photochemical and photoelectronic processes that are relevant for working on the film and is familiar with the basics of lighting, filtering and film exposure. S/he has sound knowledge of the technical processes of analogue and digital image and signal processing. The colorist has extensive knowledge of all relevant equipment and its specific possibilities and limits.

Duties and activities:

The colorist renders the character of the image given by the Director of Photography based on his/her experience with the appropriate technical. The colorist is able to empathise with the atmosphere of the film, its intellectual and emotional context according to the intentions of the DoP and the director.